Advertising with Directories Ink of Florida, LLC

Central Florida is a mecca for the new, baby boomer retiree. This group is looking for an active, exciting, entertaining life in Lake, Marion and Sumter counties. Directories Ink has found a way to capture that affluent audience by providing them with a personal directory designed for their unique individual gated community and lifestyles. The directories are informative, user friendly, and filled with information for the newcomer as well as long term residents to utilize time and time again.

For over 15 years we have successfully published directories in Central Florida to benefit the residents and the sponsors.  We have helped area businesses by providing them with a solid target market that is the largest, wealthiest consumer group on the planet - 70% of the nations net worth is in their hands.  They have a clear view of what their needs and wants are, where they spend their dollars and what is of interest to their lives such as:

  • Travel: 60 million will travel at least once each year
  • The Arts: 74% enjoy theater, movies, dance
  • Sports: 72% play an outside sport  
  • Investments: 82% have investment portfolios
  • Medical Service: 82% visit a doctor at least once a month
  • Home Improvement: 62% will remodel a home
  • Purchase Real Estate: 67% will purchase a second home
  • Restaurants: 78% eat out at least 4 times a week
  • Personal Services: 89% spend to enhance their appearance
  • Exercise: 72% exercise regularly
  • Transportation: 68% will purchase a new car

Baby Boomers will spend 2 trillion dollars annually on consumer goods and services. Your company could, and should, be one of the many who benefit from this market – and the unique opportunity to target this very sought-after demographic.

More importantly, your advertising dollars go farther when you advertise with Directories Ink, with visibility for an entire year in thousands of homes in your area.

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